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Okay, someone asked Dear Past Me and Dear Future Me and then I answered privately.

I am skilled with tumblr, yes I am. But anyways, I want to remember these so I’m rewriting them haha

Dear Past Me:

Well. You’re going to do some things in your life that you will regret at the time. A lot. Especially around grade 7/8. I want you to know that this is going to come back to haunt you, but in a good way. You’ll have a good laugh, and you’ll find that you appear to be the only one who learned anything from those experiences. Seriously. You’re going to meet a group of amazing people, who will become your closest friends and who you will love dearly and can’t imagine not having in your life. You’ll also lose some friends, and honestly, it’ll be for the better.

Don’t give up on school In Grade 12. It’s a bad idea! Also, when you get to university DON’T slack off, it really makes your life hell. You would be appalled to hear my grades right now.

Dear Future Me,

I sincerely hope you’ve found someone to love you who makes you happy. I hope you’ve finally finally found a career that makes you happy too. I hope you’ve kept writing, and I hope you still have your dreams. I hope you still have the group of friends I have now, maybe with some additions and subtractions, but who knows? I hope you’ve achieved something significant in this life, and I hope that you’re still choosing the path that scares you over the path that’s safe; because we both know that the scary, uncertain path has always turned out to be the best path in the past (at least, I hope you haven’t forgotten this). Also, if you haven’t gone to Europe again, or seen New York, you really should get on that.

Love, Jenna

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